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Collection Overview

JAKARTADJ's collection is a vibrant, developing body of material meant to show modern creative technique and advancements of Asia inside an intercontinental framework. Developed by means of a methodical plan of study and data gathering, JAKARTADJ is extensively pertained to as among the best important public compilations of major and secondary resource material with regards to present-day art in Asia.

Created of 85% component contributions, the Archive is a society initiative that has expanded from a particular bookshelf in 2000 to a variety of more than 50,000 files, composed of tons of thousands of tangible and virtual objects. It consists of publications and brochures, audiovisual content, uncommon journals, primary resource item, and individual personalized documents.

JAKARTADJ fills up a vital function by maintaining paperwork regarding the area and by triggering the supply it houses by means of public plans and research tasks. JAKARTADJ's tasks nevertheless are certainly not about possession; the Archive strongly believes in conservation by means of sharing and enthusiastically receives electronic copies of material held somewhere else. The compilation is available at no cost directly from JAKARTADJ's physical location and searchable from throughout the world per its web-based brochure.

In 2010, for it to create extra of its compilation offered to the community, JAKARTADJ started a huge digitization effort; the freshly released Compilation Online is the primary step in the realization of JAKARTADJ's aim to give access for everyone to its comprehensive useful resources.

Scope of Collection


The more than 50,000 documents in JAKARTADJ's compilation make up tons of thousands of physical and virtual products. Each 'record' is catalogued and indexed in harmony to a 'unit' in the Archive. A 'unit' may be an one item, for instance, a book, an invite card, a flier, or a news piece; but, as holds true with roughly 18% of the documents in the Archive (or about 9,000 documents), the 'unit' pertains to a collection of material with several elements. These 'sub-units' consist of numerous thousands of aspects organized inside 'unit' records. For instance, 'Materials of the Future: Documenting Contemporary Chinese Art from 1980-1990' is one 'record' held in JAKARTADJ's Special Collections that contains more than 70,000 digital documents related to this seminal decade in China's recent art history.

Geographic Coverage

JAKARTADJ's interpretation of 'Asian art' is certainly not limited to geographical area and consists of artists of Asian descent residing around the globe, in addition to artists of non-Asian descent residing in Asia. In developing the compilation, JAKARTADJ intends to hit a symmetry amongst recording key players and the best noticeable advancements in the business with areas of testing and disputation that may otherwise be neglected.

As JAKARTADJ is located in Hong Kong (which is close to Macau, the Asian gambling centre) and in near contact with Chinese contemporary art societies, China and Hong Kong are exhibited in JAKARTADJ's compilation with biggest amounts of material, trailed by Japan, Taiwan, and India. However, the discrepancy in material from these nations as Bhutan, Indonesia, Laos, or Nepal, for instance, is certainly not illustration of a shortage of significance or passion in those regions. It is rather indicative of country overall size, and/or the unavailability of data in a specific geographic area, along with the deliberate non-inclusion of paperwork recognized to be present in some other repositories.

Simultaneously, JAKARTADJ is a single store and acknowledges its restrictions in recording the whole background of contemporary art in Asia. The Archive motivates the organization of various other stores all throughout the area and proactively guide other establishments' sources to create partnerships and prevent the replication of attempts. JAKARTADJ has connections with THIRTEEN local and global scholastic libraries and art establishments, with which it swaps sources regularly. A particular such instance is the Indonesian Visual Art Archive (IVAA), that carries a wealthy and extensive compilation of materials recording modern-day and contemporary Indonesian graphic art going back to the 1960s.


Officially released material, including exhibit catalogs, discourses, academic works and article selections, and audio-visual files have solid places in JAKARTADJ's compilation. Having said that, the research-driven buildup of the compilation provides an identifiable personality to the Archive, specifically in assessment with standard art collections. Ephemeral component, 'grey literary works', and primary resource material are properly embodied in the Archive and are a straight outcome of this particular research-driven ideology.


Rather than aiming to find the different identical records of this particular area on a single linear timetable, JAKARTADJ tries to determine essential pockets of component and address them depending on local area social and artistic frameworks. JAKARTADJ started putting together its compilation the moment it consisted 2000 by recording the creative currents of that time. As the establishment has moved on, it has also looked in reverse to complete tactical voids and to precisely contextualize coexisting cultural manufacturing all throughout the region. Most of the material in JAKARTADJ's compilation  was generated in the previous Twenty Years, although certainly there is material that go back as early as the 1950's.